Feb 4, 2013

World of Tanks or War Thunder? Which is best?

Hello all,
This post is an attempt at answering why I've switched to War Thunder from World of Tanks. 
Now don't get em wrong, World of Tanks is a brilliant game. It looks great and I've had a lot of fun with it. And I'm not that abd of a player either. The last time I looked my global win percentage was 55-56%, a decent percentage that was achieved with no Gold ammo and by always playing alone, i.e. no company battles or platoon farming :-). So I know the game and I enjoyed it, so why switch?

War Thunder - more fun than World of Tanks

Well, the simple answer is that War Thunder is much more fun. It is full on action in a setting that is even more beautiful.
"When you start play War Thunder going back to WOT you seen how boring that game is.You sit, hide pray not to be hit by arty and depend on decent team to win.Here even if your team is not very good you still get what you deserve after good game.And its all action all the time not campy game."
I agree with this, the biggest difference is that in most World of Tanks games, half the game is spent hiding or sneaking, and then there is a few intense moments of gunfighting at relatively short ranges and then the game ends.

But World of Tanks still have prettier Booth Babes :-)
War Thunder is so much more than that - it is action more or less from the beginning to the end. And great scenic action at that. It really feels fun, and intense. And above all, it is a change - I was getting pretty tired of playing more or less identical tanks on the same maps. Maps where from the first second of analysing the two teams' tanks you know what is going to happen, where the fight will be, and where the last survivors will try and duke it out. War Thunder has the advantages here as everything is new (although I already feel I know a few of the maps too well already :-).)

The biggest difficultiesin starting anew with War Thunder is getting used to being mediocre - in World of Tanks I know that in the average game I can play a large factor in whether or not my team wins, and I'll probably have killed 4-6 tanks once the game is over. In War Thunder? Hah, there I'm the noob who thrilled whenever I get a kill, and those games where I've managed to kill 5-7 planes have been very memorable.

Now most of this post has been why I switched, there are of course a few central elements that made this switch easier but I'lls ave those for a different post, hell it could be entitled "Why War Thunder is Best" :-).

Feel free to comment if you disagree with my 'Wall-of-Text', but keep it civiliced and remember both are just games and whatever one you enjoy the most I am fine with that.

All the best,


  1. " I agree with this, the biggest difference is that in most World of Tanks games, half the game is spent hiding or sneaking"

    You are 100% wrong comparing a game with warplanes against a game with tanks. You cant do a comparison to WOT vs WT. You can compage it to World of warplanes.

    A comparison is not possible, tanks are not airplanes, end of story.

    Its like saying Starcraft 2 is a much better game than Call of duty black ops since it has more tactics and you can really build up a base that Call of duty has missed out on completely

  2. Hi Ushiri, and thanks for the comment.
    I do not agree with your premise, and I think I'm perfectly able and entitled to compare the gameplay between the two games, even though one is with tanks and the other with planes. I'm not comparing the gunpower of a Tiger to a Hurricane, Im comparing the game-experience (as I could compare the graphics, the price etc). I see no problem in that and the two games are structured so similarly that a comparison is natural, especially as most of their players will be from the same base.
    All the best,

  3. I agree with you the games are built up and structure and graphics is also valid to compare.

    But a dogfight and a Tank battle is a completely difference, there is nothing similar in tactics that you can use in both games. so thats why I mean its not possible to compare.

    why not make a review what u think of World of Warplanes VS War thunder. Both are in beta and has same units in battle.

    When Warthunder releases their tanks its easier to take your aproach serious.

  4. I agree with kasper man! it's not about the planes and the tanks it's all about the beautiness of the game and talking about WT you can play with AI and missions...

  5. I am quite excited with War Thunder. I actually switched from World of Tanks straight to War Thunder. I agree that it might not be the BEST comparison, but I feel that War Thunder offers me much more than what goes on in WOT. Please try not to hate me or call me a noob or anything, I just think that Kasper was right saying War Thunder is more unique.
    Just my opinion.
    Anonymous Reader.

  6. "When you start play War Thunder going back to WOT you seen how boring that game is"
    After six hours of flying in War Thunder I finally got bored with it and went back to World of Tanks, appreciating tanks more than before. War Thunder is very boring game and besides pretty grafics have nothing to offer to not-hardcore not-sim player. Arcade battles are mess and gets boring. Historical battles are boring from the start: 10 minutes of flight, get shot, quit, Or 10 minutes of flight, drop some bombs, 10 minutes of flight again, quit. How exciting.
    Real battles or whatever was it called: don't have joystick for that.

    "You sit, hide pray not to be hit by arty and depend on decent team to win."
    If what you do is pray when arty is on battlefield then you are simply playing game wrong. It's problem with you then, not with the game itself. Arty requires you to actually be more aware of surroundings, more cautionous. Battles with arty are more intense but if you only pray then I agree: you should stay away from Wot.

    "Here even if your team is not very good you still get what you deserve after good game."
    Same thing can be said about World of Tanks.

    "And its all action all the time not campy game"
    I think 10 minutes of flight in straight line are equivalent of camping: nothing happens.
    Also you can't camp with plane coz its damn plane, it technically have to be on the move so this whole argument is pulled out of ass.

    "And great scenic action at that. "
    Scenery matters a little when in plane, scenery matters a lot when in tank.

    Good points of War Thunder: lower hardware requirements, beautiful graphics, better replay system.
    Bad points of War Thunder: everything else. Very bad premium economic, unreasonable unlock and research system. Boring single missions. Lack of direction -
    after playing WT it feels like Gaijin have no idea of direction of their game so they try everything they can, (hence 3 battle modes).

  7. Ok, so we are comparing WT the airplane game, to WOT the tank game? Really? WT ground is not even playable by the masses of beta testers yet. And it will not be for awhile. I have tested, or am testing / play WoT, WT, and WoWP but to compare a land based combat game, to an air based combat game is fairly moronic. And WT ground is in a sucky state right now trust me,(although I am sure it will get better) WT has a long way to go to integrate all the elements land, air, sea once it has all that working then it will be the premier game. Although there are online sims that already do that quite well they are just not as easy to master as these "new" arcade games. And people get butthurt and quit before they can "fly". So the statement that "I switched to war thunder and it is awesome", at this point might as well just be "I was ready to fly airplanes instead of drive tanks, and it was awesome". Much akin to me saying , "I got bored with WoT, so I am riding my Harley more and it is awesome". Fairly meaningless eh??

  8. war thunder is better than world of warplanes . . and all i can say is . .Japanese planes in war thunder are good turners!!! XD even tier 2 planes can destroy or immobilize tier IV planes :D and if you get lucky, you can kill the pilot . . or even luckier you got 5 or 8 kills, you may get the "terror of the sky" award XD war thunder all the way :D


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