Feb 11, 2013

War Thunder: How to get more ammunition for your plane

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One of the interesting things about Google Analytics is that it shows what searches led people to this blog. Which is quite entertaining at times. For instance, people are apparently searching heavily on Google for the answer to 'how to get more ammunition in War Thunder'. 
Well, search no more - as a special service I shall now disclose the answer to this enigmatic question :-).

War Thunder How To Get More Ammunition
War Thunder - How to get more ammunition

There are two methods of replenishing ammonition in War Thunder:
In normal Arcade battles the answer is the simplest. When you've unloaded your machine guns on the enemy fighter, or have dropped all your bombs on the enemy ground targets they will automatically come back. If you have not completely emptied your barrels, you can press "y" to reload your weapons. The time this takes is dependent upon the very important skill called "Reload Skill". 
This is found in the tab called Ground Service, and may be the most important skill to invest points in as soon as possible. This can quite dramatically cut down your reload time, and may often either save your life, or enable you to destroy that pesky enemy bomber.
If you are flying in a Historical Battle and you've run out of ammo, well then you will have to go back and land at your friendly airport. And wait to get a new stock of weapons. No in-the-air-resupply, sorry.

What is interesting is that there appears to be no way of loading extra ammunition onto a given plane. No matter how skilled your ground crew, there is no way of getting a few more rounds of ammunition packed into the plane. I would really like to see this added as an extra bonus of having maxed out your plane's experience bar. At the moment, once you've completely filled this bar, there is no bonus (actually there is a negative bonus, as you will receive no more experience bonus, sadly), but wouldn't it be sweet if at every x-thousand gained experience on top of this your machine guns could have another 25 rounds, or your cannons could load another 5 shots. Wouldn't be a gamechanger, but would give you that extra little something to be proud of :-).

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