Feb 27, 2013

War Thunder: The Secret Map Krymsk

Hello all,
I've been enjoying my Japanese low tier fighters and by the Rising Sun, they are some sexy planes!

But in my last game, War Thunder and Gaijin decided to treat me with the ultra rare, almost secret, map called Krymsk.
The interesting thing about this map is that it is a Domination type but with only a single (one!) airfield. This naturally generates a lot of dogfighting right above the airfield.
My impression is that this map is a fun alternative to the regular Domination maps and I hope to see it more frequently.
The map itself is somewhat bland - few features to distinguish it, but on the plus side, there is so much action that you do not have time to admire the view :-).

Although I didn't get Bandicam ready in time to record the game, I've saved the replay and recorded that - this does show the map in great detail.

My game went alright, I managed to survive the entire game in my Japanese A5M4 and got five enemy kills and multiple crits. Top of the board so I cannot complain. I began by avoiding the initial deadly skirmish in the centre and went to hunt isolated enemies on the flank. Following their destruction I entered the central dogfighting, trying to maintain enough speed to get out when the enemies got interested in me. 
At the very end my engine got destroyed but I managed to glide the few seconds it took before the game was won by my side.

Good fun, and I really recommend the low tier Japanese fighters so far - if you happen to agree, disagree or be madly in love with me, please leave a comment or a tip :-). It really motivates all blogowners to keep blogging!

All the best,

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