Mar 30, 2013

War Thunder: Questions answered by Trojan and Borisych

Hello all,
Recently a Q&A was held where Trojan and Borisych answered a ton of questions.
I've singled out a few answers that seem the most important to me:

Q: Why plane of same tiers does not have same cost and repair cost?
A: Variant, efficiency, engine rating, weapon rating are all factors to take. It is very hard to place planes to tier to exactly match each other. Sptfire MkI and Bf-109E-3 are good match because they fought each other, but E-3 had an edge on Spitfire.

Q: What happened with economy and why is economy like this now?
A: Basically, we don't want people to join the game and get to level 20 in a week. Before, that was possible, people come to game, bomb targets, leave the game or kamikaze not being punished at all. Now economy is set to eradicate that. Also, every economy change need to run for at least a week for data gathering before any decision is made. So, don't worry about economy too much, it will be changed for sure again and again.

I.e. stop whining about the economy :-)

Q: Bomb load of some bombers in the game is lower than what bombers could take in real life?
A: That was done intentionally because of balance and necessity to stop bombers from killing all ground units in one pass.
Interesting that they admit this

Q: Why is AAA's super accurate? how can they track you from +10km ?
A: If it becomes player controlled your going to see a whole different ball game.
Player controlled AAA-guns?

Q: Why cant we see what ammo is in the 'default' ammo type?
A: Its a bug and will be fixed soon, hopefully the next patch.

War Thunder Developers Answers Questions Q&A Bombers fighters

The complete transcript can be found here:

All the best,

Mar 29, 2013

War Thunder New Update/Patch New Damage Model

Gaijin posted the information on the new patch that updates the current beta to 1.29.33:
  • More informative ammo belts description
  • Shutdowns on Intel graphic cards are fixed
  • Shutdowns on the ATI 1950/1650 are fixed
  • Bug fix: engine sound dissapears when playing some maps
  • Damage Model (DM) is fixed and now works as supposed in v.1.29
  • Turret gunners behavior is changed
War Thunder update 1.29.33 new damage model change turret gunners

I'm glad for the extra information on the ammo belts, but the most important is this one "Damage Model (DM) is fixed and now works as supposed in v.1.29". Apparently the new damage model means that fighters are a bit more resilient, i.e. no more instant kills (unless you are flying Japanese planes, that is :-)).

Interestingly, a Gaijin representative (Borisych) stated the following on the Damage Model:
In general - we have different materials, different parts, we counting caliber, distance, type of ammo and angle of every single hit. Aim weak parts - cockpit, tail, engines - like in real combat, it works for almost every aircraft. Choose your ammo properly, try to control your bursts and follow the target - this all about skills and sometimes luck ;)
If that is true, it sounds like a great system. But the concept of aiming for weak parts while dog fighting and dodging incoming fire, manouvrering etc really is more about luck than anything else :-).

Otherwise the most interesting change is the "Turret gunners behavior is changed". What this means is propably just that they will hit more often? If so, this means no more sticking on a bomber's ass and hoping for the best :-). This change propably also applies to the AAA-gunners, so be careful around those...

All the best,

Mar 22, 2013

War Thunder: New Patch Update 1.29.30

Hello all,
More changes to War Thunder!

War Thunder Patch update 1.29.30 change damage model bomber sight
Standard ammo belts are also available to equip

Now you can see the scattering range when drop bombs from wrong angles

Tracers visibility improved

Summer came to the hangar

Arcade bombing crosshair bugs fixed for dive-bombing for bombers, attackers and fighters

Bombing sight is fixed for bombers
Note: Yeah! That was a bad change last patch!

Fixed repair on the airfields being taken

Fixed fuel amount when starting a battle

Fixed respawn after repair - no more distant respawn away from the airfield

Slightly improved maneuverability in Arcade Battles

Fixed excessive effects of wing damage on the aircraft steering

Improvements in the gaming interface

Minor optimizations in shadow drawing (less potential freezes now)

Better mouse aiming and the Instructor reactions when the plane is damaged

Great changes!
All the best,

Mar 21, 2013

War Thunder: Most difficult Achievement!

Hello all,
So we got a ton of new challenges, achievements, etc. (even got some new skins for my Japanese planes, wuhuuu!). So which one has so far proven to be the most difficult challenge?

War Thunder Challenges Reward Achievements

Well, for me its been the one called "Get to Know Us!". To 'accomplish' this one you have to watch the credits all the way to their end. And, by God, half of Russia must have been part of this game - it takes roughly one billion minutes to get to the end of that credit-roll... (good thing you can do it passively .-)). Well, at least you get 1k experience and credits for your trouble :-).

all the best - Kasper

Mar 15, 2013

War Thunder: New Update 0.1.29 Patch Notes

Hello all,
The official War Thunder Forums are alight with the news regarding the upcoming patch/update: 0.1.29. This should be live soon... what ever that means :-).
War Thunder new update patch 1.29 Forum
 The full content is still unknown but there appears to be a lot of heavy bombers coming our way (B-25s anyone?) and more snazzy stuff. Apart from the (apparently) new and heavier bombers for the Japanese, I'm mostly interested in what the new "Ammo Belts" will entail for the game.
A dedicated fan made this video which shows the availble information on the patch so far:


These are the patch notes, stolen from the Russian forums and googlefied:

Economy 2.0
"An analysis of a large number of accumulated data from different experiments and economics seriously altered.
The previous version of the price of aircraft above 2-3rd grade (the earliest) determined by their rank and their efficiency, and the price of repairs - very effective.
Rank depended on the efficiency of the aircraft and its flight characteristics and year of production (mostly from efficiency, to a lesser extent from the rest.)
The economy was the following - flying on planes to ensure high performance team results about average performance.
The most junior ranks (and apparently less effective, too). Players were all effective, in general, regardless of their performance (if productive - that is clearly more effective).
The new version of the economy to the senior ranks of virtually all aircraft profitable, ie prices for repair depend more on the rank, not the average performance.
Rank now even more dependent on the efficiency with the price of the aircraft is also more dependent on the rank.
In other words - the swing is easier to rank 13th.
Planes up to 12 on the 14th rank in the repair are cheaper (sometimes much).
Prices for aircraft with grown up (so to buy a new aircraft, to about the same battle as before, but less dependent on the successful single battle).
In atach label is located, which shows changes in the price of repairs in the new economy. As can be seen on it, for the majority of aircraft repair price reduced"

Patch Notes
"New windows login / hall / boot
Players will be able to see the elements of the new interface immediately at the start of the game - this is a new login window, which now has an animated background.
Has been changed and the main screen hangar with function keys "to fight." Now you can join the fight with one button, and if you want to change any settings, then just move on her.
In addition, the choice of aircraft for IB / RB now going to fight.
Damage model
Our damage model aircraft made a big step forward in the update 1.29. We added 10 new parts and specified all of the existing parts for all aircraft.
Together with the introduction of the right types of ammunition for absolutely all types of aircraft weapon it has led to the fact that air battle became even more furious, dynamic and interesting, and at the same time and historical, of course.
Damage from bombs, rockets and torpedoes was also given to the characteristics of historical prototypes.
Selection of tapes weapons
Now for all fighters available tape changing air armament. Separately for guns and machine guns, you can select one of the following bands: the universal, to attack air targets, to attack ground targets and covert attack. The latter option does not include tracers.
New planes
New planes were bombing the compound of 4 countries:
  • Became available for the Japanese "top" bombers - G5N, G8N. The first plane, being the largest aircraft in the game, able to carry four plain bomb.
    And his older brother, G8N though capable of carrying a bomb load of 3 tons, but has three cannons in defensive turrets.
  • American branch have added a B-25. This legendary aircraft successfully entered between the A-20 and B-17, with six guns offensive weapons, and 1.5 tons of bombs.
  • The ranks of German planes expanded line of multipurpose aircraft Do.217: from Do.217E-2 c-ton load to the night interceptor Do.217N-1 c with 4 guns MG 151.
  • Soviet Tu-2 lineup now includes recent modifications, which allow higher booking.
Was added to a top British fighter jet Meteor Mk. 8, which can additionally be loaded with bombs and missiles.
The New Economy
Be announced later.
* Added an option in the settings to always display the fuel level.
* You can now see the full logbook any player
* In the study added checkboxes to enable / disable the display of the cost of repair the aircraft in different modes
* Now, instead of two separate reports on the experience and reward lions only one.
* Fixed the nonlinear default 1
* Fixed incorrect message when you try to screw flyugirovat
* Corrected nonlinearity axis interface
* In realistic battles hide large messages about getting experience, there are only small at the bottom
* Added a button on the token in repetition
* For members of the care now, the selected aircraft in the tooltip
* Added description of the achievements in the event log
* Added progress bar in the descriptions of achievements
* Now, all the achievements are the correct conditions for obtaining
* Achievements now displayed in the user log
* Now in a camera that follows the bomb, the game interface is shown
* Changed medals in the profile.
* Fixed display of tests that have several stages, debriefing
* Added a message "no flaps" when trying to use them on airplanes, where they are not
* On some aircraft is animated radiator. Their number will increase in the next patch.
* Improved animation air brakes
* On some aircraft includes the ability to bend the screw. Their number will increase in the next patch.
* Improved the effect of hitting the engineering / ground missiles
* Added bounce shells off the ground
* Includes the shadows of the pilots and infantry
* Added more realistic camera effects when shooting
* Fixed artifacts in reflections
* Improved drawing distant land in cloudy weather
* Fixed lighting pilots
* Fixed a bug with incorrect kollizhena balloon
* Replaced airfields in many missions
* Fixed visual models: Me.262, Ju.88, Me.410, A5M, A6M3, P-26,
* Fixed a British torpedo model
* Improved sound of explosion
* Improved sound engine stop
* Improved the sound of the plane hitting the player.
* Added sounds to the flaps and air brakes
* Added sound windmilling propeller
* Improved sound of cannon and machine guns
* Permission realistic bombing. Aircraft can now have a limit on the angle to drop the bomb.
* Added aerobatic smokes
* Changed FM La-5, La-7, Wirraway, Tempest, TBF-1c, SM.79, Me.410, Ki-49, Ju-87B, Ju-87D, Ju-87G, F1M2, D3A1, Boomerang, Beufighter , Me.262, Me.163
* Added buttons for remote motor control
* Reworked system murder airfield, now an award given for the damage and airfield, and not just for murder
* Fixed failure to issue the murder of an aircraft which has already been hit and repaired.
* Improved the behavior of the shooters in the historical and realistic battles.
* Fixed a bug where the camera can continue to monitor the target after its destruction.
* Changed the minimum level of fuel - 20 minutes and at least 30% of the tank.
* Leader of the link can not get in line, if any of the link is not repaired the plane for the selected country
* Improvements in the behavior of bots: should now properly take off and land.
* A new player can not now start playing in IB / RB without passing tutorial for takeoff / landing
* Fixed a bug where killing a friendly bot not fined
* Added bomb for P-26
* The procedure for obtaining the bomb pylons, some aircraft
* Added a reward for logins (?)
* Includes automatic support from tracker GameTrix
* Reduced the size of the client
* Optimized boot time in the hangar
* Significantly reduced the load to the mission
* Fixed a bug where the plane could not change in the first mission of the American campaign
* Fixed an issue where players complete the tutorial level of simulator
* Fixed a bug where the icon is not pictured in the discount group modifications of aircraft
* Fixed a bug where the typhoon could accelerate to 700 km / h in level flight at the ground, using the screw pitch
* Cargo ships lost 127 mm guns that were given to them by mistake""
All the best,

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