Mar 30, 2013

War Thunder: Questions answered by Trojan and Borisych

Hello all,
Recently a Q&A was held where Trojan and Borisych answered a ton of questions.
I've singled out a few answers that seem the most important to me:

Q: Why plane of same tiers does not have same cost and repair cost?
A: Variant, efficiency, engine rating, weapon rating are all factors to take. It is very hard to place planes to tier to exactly match each other. Sptfire MkI and Bf-109E-3 are good match because they fought each other, but E-3 had an edge on Spitfire.

Q: What happened with economy and why is economy like this now?
A: Basically, we don't want people to join the game and get to level 20 in a week. Before, that was possible, people come to game, bomb targets, leave the game or kamikaze not being punished at all. Now economy is set to eradicate that. Also, every economy change need to run for at least a week for data gathering before any decision is made. So, don't worry about economy too much, it will be changed for sure again and again.

I.e. stop whining about the economy :-)

Q: Bomb load of some bombers in the game is lower than what bombers could take in real life?
A: That was done intentionally because of balance and necessity to stop bombers from killing all ground units in one pass.
Interesting that they admit this

Q: Why is AAA's super accurate? how can they track you from +10km ?
A: If it becomes player controlled your going to see a whole different ball game.
Player controlled AAA-guns?

Q: Why cant we see what ammo is in the 'default' ammo type?
A: Its a bug and will be fixed soon, hopefully the next patch.

War Thunder Developers Answers Questions Q&A Bombers fighters

The complete transcript can be found here:

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