Feb 22, 2013

Enjoying the British Reserve Airplanes

War Thunder British Reserve Planes And Spitfire Game PlayHello all,
Although I've focused almost entirely on the Russian Nation (as a consequence of not having a lot of time available for gaming) I have made a small foray into the British Nation. Primarily to get to the Spitfires -these look so archetypical and seem to handle well, so I would really like to try them out.

But on the way to the spitfires are a few levels of Reserve aircraft and similar.

But thats alright, as it turns out they are really fun.
There are quite a few different Reserve Airplanes in the British Tree, but they are practical identical in armament and Flight Model, but have different skins.

Here are a couple of videos showing me flying them - nothing special but I manage to kill a few enemies in these small beautiful planes.
Here it is the Fury Mark III, above Stalingrad:

 And here its the Nimrod Mark I in the same domination scenario:

Good fun - if you happen to agree, disagree or be madly in love with me, please leave a comment or a tip :-). It really motivates all blogowners to keep blogging!

All the best,

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