Jan 30, 2013

War Thunder: The difference between the Russian Rockets RS-82 and RS-132 is...

Hello all,
One of the things Gaijin really needs to do, and do quickly, is to get some pop-up information windows that detail what the different weapon types do. For instance, several of  my russian fighter Bombers have a choice between Rs-82 or Rs-132 rockets... Great to have a choice of armament but when there is absolutely no information detailing what the difference is, the choice just becomes confusing.

Rs-82 or Rs-132 rockets - Whats the difference?
Its Briefing Time on the dynamics of War Thunder
So I checked what the historical difference was, and the first interesting tidbit was this qoute from Shores (, Christopher. Ground Attack Aircraft of World War II. London: Macdonald and Jane's, 1977), found on Wikipedia:
"Although the Il-2's RS-82 and RS-132 rockets could destroy armored vehicles with a single hit, they were so inaccurate that experienced Il-2 pilots mainly utilized the cannon."

I can feel their pain. Both types of rockets are modeled to very inacurate, but are very satisfactory to fire and when they hit an enemy airplane the giggling will never stop!.

According to http://warthunder.wikia.com/wiki/Aircraft_Ordnance this is the in-game difference:

RussianFull name Weight HE filler Velocity
RS-82 Reaktivny Snaryad 82mm 6.8kg 0.36kg 340m/s
RS-132 Reaktivny Snaryad 132mm 23kg 0.9kg 350m/s

(BTW, its interesting to compare these with the superior British rockets:
BritishFull name Weight HE filler Velocity
RP-3 Rocket Projectile 3 inch 59kg 27kg 480m/s)

So, RS-132s would be heavier, have triple the amount of explosive, and quicker! So why would we use RS-82 Rockets?

Well according to more historic information RS-132s also had 30% larger blast radius (see the wikipedia article).

So far, there appears to be no good reasons to choose RS-82s instead of the bigger, better, badder RS-132s.

If you do know of any reasons, please, please let me know - I would love to have to choose between two equal choices, rather than this no-brainer :-).

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  1. As far as I know, the RS-132s were even more inaccurate than the RS-82s. I do not know if that is reflected in the game, however.

    Aside from that it is the same choice as with Russian bombers in the game: Price.

    Take the cheaper lighter and weaker 50kg bombs (or RS-82s) or the same amount of more expensive and heavier but better 100kg bombs (RS-132s).

    On bombs the difference is bigger though, since 50kg bombs are often free of charge.

    Also, some planes can't equip 132s, while they can equip the 82s.

  2. Hello Anon,
    Interesting information - it would seem appropriate that the 132s would be more inaccurate due to their heavier weight. But if this is modeled in-game, which I am not really sure it is, then it would probably be made up for in them being quicker. I would take quicker over slightly more accurate in the game any day - especially when using them for anti-air, which is often ineffective but so much fun :-).
    When you talk costs, Im assuming you are referring to the cost in-game? If so, that is an aspect I've never considered and without having checked I do not think there is a price difference great enough to actually make anyone reconsider bringing along the most effective weapons, even thoug they may be more expensive.
    Anyways, thanks for the input - I would love a reference to them being more inaccurate, as this was something I did not find myself.
    All the best,

  3. warthunder sucks a lot

  4. Warthunger might suck to you, but I like the game a lot. I do feel there needs to be some more tweaks and balancing to the game, but overall it is much better than the World of Warplanes. You have more control over your planes is the biggest thing that WT has over WoP.

  5. Weight is a huge factor in how you plane handles. Also if the the lighter ones are all you need to destroy the maps tanks, pillboxes and planes take them. You can feel the difference in the handling.

  6. Well, the RS 132's are much heavier, and although that doesn't make a difference in arcade mode, it makes a huge difference to handling in historical battles. There you go :)

    I'd say many people would prefer RS 82 in historical battles.

  7. Thank you for the information!
    As was pointed out, the weight is significant even in arcade (1s ore turn time). Every plane i hit with the small rockets dies anyway, so no advantage with more explosives.


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