Feb 5, 2013

War Thunder: Improvements I would love to see implemented

Hello all,
While playing the game I've compiled a small list of things I would love to see implemented in the game...

1) The ability to de-select a crew slot for matchmaking. At the moment once you've put a plane into a crew slot you can never empty it - i.e. you'll always have to choose five planes to fly with even though you only have four low tier planes for instance.

2) More statistics! I would love to see how many of each type of plane I've shot down so far. And hell, if possible, to see how many times I've shot down the player in front of me.

Improving War Thunder

3) More Award types :-).

4) Tier level in the game - I have yet to memorize all the different planes and it would be great if there was a tier indicator above the plane I'm chasing or being chased by.

5) More Ground Targets. And more ships.

6) More Maps.

7) An ammo count - I can't remember how many bullets each plane carries - so would be lovely to have a count, even before your approaching empty.

8) More, More, More!

Guess thats all I could remember at the moment - feel free to add your own suggestions.

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