Feb 1, 2013

War Thunder: IL-2 & SU-2 M-82 Russian Fighter Action

Hello all,
I seem to only be getting the Domination map called Peliliu. It is a beautiful map, but I would love to try the new Fjords map.
Here are a few minutes that give a quick example of the brilliant free to play game, War Thunder. In this Domination game, I once again take to the skies over Peleliu in my Russian fighters IL-2 & SU-2 M-82 . I destroy four enemy fighters and bombers during the action and get multiple awards, including Hands On for most Assists.

All in all, the game netted me 20000 exp with premium, so not a brilliant game, but it does show the trouble a single enemy jet fighter can cause. The Mig-15 turns up and we all die, more or less. Luckily the clock is ticking and he cannot kill us all...

War Thunder is Sexy!

This was patch 1.27.

All the best,

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