Feb 20, 2013

War Thunder: Best Russian Plane?

Hello all,
One of the interesting things about Google Analytics is that it shows what searches led people to this blog. Which can be quite entertaining at times. For instance, a lot of people would really like to know which Russian fighter plane is the best in War Thunder?

Well, I recently discussed the more general question of which plane is the best in War Thunder at the moment (can be found here), and there was no mention of any Russian fighters. Does this mean that Russians are not great in War Thunder?
No, far from it, but their best planes do not, within the current Flight Model in Arcade Battles, beat the Spitfires and the Zeroes out there.
What the russian do have is the best manouvrability at low levels and in the low tiers. For instance, the Russian reserves are excellent and will out turn anything.
Following the reserves the Russian pilot will face a few levels wherein the Fighter Bombers are the best alternative - these are excellent and will rack in a lot of money and experience from destroying ground targets.
And then the pain starts as the first Yak's are quite painful to fly. They are basicly boats with wings and serious armament. They might be a pain, but it is also quite fun to fly them.

War Thunder: Best Russian Plane the YAK-9T
War Thunder: Best Russian Plane is the YAK-9T

But afterwards you get the real deal - the Yak-9T. This is a monster with its cannons and acceptable turn speed. I must say that I really love this plane - it swats bombers out of the sky and any isolated enemy pilot will get destroyed. At the mid tiers, this would be my choice as the best Russian Fighter Plane.

Anyways, here is an early example of how you can (fail) play the Yak-9T in War Thunder:

When I'm flying this plane, I'll normally start high going high, searching for isolated bombers and let loose on them. Afterward, if the furball down below has begun to separate I'll swoop in, and otherwise I'll continuecruising around at a high altitude. This plane does not manouvre well, if you want to keep the nose on the target so the key is to be able to predict when and where you will intercept the enemy and prepare to go *Boom* Boom* at that spot.

Also, a word of caution. While searching for pictures of a Yak-9T at work, I found out, in a very not-safe-for-work way, that there apparently is a porn site with a similar name and a .com ending. I really wonder why they chose such a name, but anyways, be careful what you search for on Google :-).

If you happen to agree, disagree or be madly in love with me, please leave a comment or a tip :-). It really motivates all blogowners to keep blogging!

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  1. I agree with you, although I am extremely fond of the LaGG. Just plain awesome. The thing that's sad is that there are no good bombers in USSR tree. We have the heavy and slow fortress Catalina and the TU2/2s,but i guess the best bomber is probably yer2? What's your take on this? (i have found that playing bomber is the way to rack down some serious cash and exp)

  2. Pontus, to be honest I've all but given up on bombers. In my two nations of choice (Japan and USSR) the bombers are really lacking (hell, their ground attack planes are superior to the bombers) and playing them felt like grinding. And with fighters being so bloody fun I see no reason to go for the bombers. So I'm the bad guy on the team who will fly fighters 85% of the time, and then at the end switch to a ground attack plane and try and take out the last ground targets. The reason being it just makes the game more fun :-).

  3. I do have to say that some of the russian planes *do* get an upgrade for three 500kg bombs. I generally treat the bombers like ground attack planes,well, sweeping low (well not that low with the 500kg bombs :] ), dropping a bomb and then getting the hell out of there.

  4. i just unlocked the IL 2 what a beast of a plane is that! 8rokets 4 bombs 300ammo for 2x 23mm cannons and 2x .30 call machine guns!
    also flys like a big house but hey you have firepower :O

  5. Hi Daan,
    Yup - it flies like a boat and hits like a Destroyer :-).
    All the best,

  6. I just cant seem to figure this plane out. Its weapons are devastating but the recoil on the cannon makes hitting a weaving target almost impossible. Its fast when diving but when flying level it seems to take forever to pick up enough speed to do anything. Then there's the weird situations where I'll be flying low, go into a turn and the plane will bottom out and not climb, so I'm lead into a cliff or the sea because the nose just wouldn't lift. Then next game itll be totally different and i can BnZ with ease before climbing into the clouds from below 200 feet. It looks and sounds nice though, but i prefer the yak 7b so far, has great weapons but doesn't need treating like a diva :)

  7. I just got my Yak-9T and don't have all the mods yet. Great top speed though, and I have used that to my advantage. My success usually comes with the side attack and, as you said, I try to find that sweet spot, when my guns come to bear on the target. Plus, in the beginning, I tried to tier up as fast as I could. This just gives you better planes that you don't know how to use. So, I went back to the low tiers and just stayed there until I knew my aircraft. Now, I have 2.75 million silver lions!


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