Mar 29, 2013

War Thunder New Update/Patch New Damage Model

Gaijin posted the information on the new patch that updates the current beta to 1.29.33:
  • More informative ammo belts description
  • Shutdowns on Intel graphic cards are fixed
  • Shutdowns on the ATI 1950/1650 are fixed
  • Bug fix: engine sound dissapears when playing some maps
  • Damage Model (DM) is fixed and now works as supposed in v.1.29
  • Turret gunners behavior is changed
War Thunder update 1.29.33 new damage model change turret gunners

I'm glad for the extra information on the ammo belts, but the most important is this one "Damage Model (DM) is fixed and now works as supposed in v.1.29". Apparently the new damage model means that fighters are a bit more resilient, i.e. no more instant kills (unless you are flying Japanese planes, that is :-)).

Interestingly, a Gaijin representative (Borisych) stated the following on the Damage Model:
In general - we have different materials, different parts, we counting caliber, distance, type of ammo and angle of every single hit. Aim weak parts - cockpit, tail, engines - like in real combat, it works for almost every aircraft. Choose your ammo properly, try to control your bursts and follow the target - this all about skills and sometimes luck ;)
If that is true, it sounds like a great system. But the concept of aiming for weak parts while dog fighting and dodging incoming fire, manouvrering etc really is more about luck than anything else :-).

Otherwise the most interesting change is the "Turret gunners behavior is changed". What this means is propably just that they will hit more often? If so, this means no more sticking on a bomber's ass and hoping for the best :-). This change propably also applies to the AAA-gunners, so be careful around those...

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