Dec 7, 2012

World of Tanks - In need of a list of kills?

Hello all,
Just found a brilliant tool for the "free" on-line tank game called World of tanks. In it you encounter a (very) wide variety of different tanks (French, German etc) and you kill as many of these as possible. But there is a special medal for killing every (almost) single type of tank, yet this information is not available. Seeing as I was curious and love statistics (just ask anyone who knows me..) I really wanted to know which tanks I had killed etc. A quick search on google and I found the following link:

 This, Russian, page will access the cache containing the information and provide a wealth of information regarding every aspect of the game; I can now see that I have killed 152 Leichttraktors,14 Leopards, etc. I can also see which tanks I have yet to kill (32), and by a bit of magic it is even possible to see in which tanks I have killed what enemy tanks etc.
A brilliant tool! I really recommend it to anyone playing this amazing tank game. And if you're not playing it, you should really check out World of Tanks!

Here are a few links to videos of recent games I've enjoyed especially:
The SU 85b on Karelia defending and invading:
The T2 American Medium Tank slaughtering all enemies, getting Top Gun and Ace Tanker:

All the best,

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