Mar 22, 2013

War Thunder: New Patch Update 1.29.30

Hello all,
More changes to War Thunder!

War Thunder Patch update 1.29.30 change damage model bomber sight
Standard ammo belts are also available to equip

Now you can see the scattering range when drop bombs from wrong angles

Tracers visibility improved

Summer came to the hangar

Arcade bombing crosshair bugs fixed for dive-bombing for bombers, attackers and fighters

Bombing sight is fixed for bombers
Note: Yeah! That was a bad change last patch!

Fixed repair on the airfields being taken

Fixed fuel amount when starting a battle

Fixed respawn after repair - no more distant respawn away from the airfield

Slightly improved maneuverability in Arcade Battles

Fixed excessive effects of wing damage on the aircraft steering

Improvements in the gaming interface

Minor optimizations in shadow drawing (less potential freezes now)

Better mouse aiming and the Instructor reactions when the plane is damaged

Great changes!
All the best,

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