Jan 30, 2013

War Thunder update 1.27 patch notes

Hello all,

Edit: Trojan has now posted the complete and official changes, which may be viewed here.

Got these patch 1.27 update notes from the Russian server:

War thunder in action
Added support for Nvidia graphics cards 7 * 00;
Done damage control plane (UPS). For those users who use the standard layout, 
it is enough to hold down the "J", to leave the plane. Attention! For everyone 
 else, will have to assign this key yourself;
Added sensitivity setting turnout;
Added automatic ejection if after the player spawns at the airport for a long 
time does not fly;
Added effect of smoke from the cut parts of the airplane;
Now players who are with you in the link, you can see the selected country, and 
 in the tooltip and the selected aircraft;
Added window for easy invitations to link;
Card added [strafe] Fjords, [Supremacy] Mountain Valley;
Added settings window screen effects in the game menu ("Game Settings" during a
 running session);
Text chat and radio reports for management;
Repaired bug "Low clouds over the runway in a test flight";
Repaired bug "Plotting through the trees, clouds, fire and smoke";
Fixed bug with vibronakidkoy, which continued to vibrate after the death of the
Fixed display of selected weapons in the battle on the map (M);
Fixed PrintScreen on Windows7, including in the hangar;
Fixed export / import control settings;
Dust of the earth by a propeller drawn correctly on all aircraft;
Improved Force Feedback: data is now taken from the physical model of the aircraft
Improved braking instructor on the ground: he later begins to panic and let go 
of the brake;
Improved physics ground contact: emergency landings now become a reality and 
 the whole plane began to behave better when landing on its belly;
Bilateral stickers can now be glued to the fuselage;
Player profile is now stored in a single file profile.config.blk;
Improved effects shots on slow guns;
Improved sound "dive" - ​​now it only occurs at high speeds, close to critical;
Chat is now working in the screenshot loading;
Came off after a few introductory video playbacks
Increased visibility of the mountains 10 km (c 50 km to 60 km), in some locations.

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